Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Diamonds are a man’s best friend

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Knowing how popular jewellery is in the fashion industry today, it is odd to think that men were the first to wear jewellery, since women are the biggest consumers of it nowadays. Men began to wear jewellery initially as a societal status symbol. Jewellery is a necessity in a women’s outfit today, whether it is the show-stopper or not, just a little touch of jewellery is inevitable. However, men are coming to the party too. More and more men are defining a new masculinity with adapting to jewellery once again. Boucheron make some of the most exquisite jewellery items in the business. The designs are an acquired taste, but the artisan is easily appreciated.

This is the hem of Boucheron.

“An innovator and a visionary, Frédéric Boucheron founded the French art of High Jewellery. More than one hundred and fifty years later, the Boucheron atelier has become legendary and continues to create and perpetuate the savoir-faire of the Maison.”



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